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Product Features

The Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier with new Flash Streamer provides a cleaner, fresher and healthier indoor environment for you and your family. Using advanced air-purifying technology, Daikin Air Purifiers effectively eliminate dust, bacteria, airborne particles, allergens, pollen and unpleasant odours with a 6 layer powerful decomposition and removal configuration. The sleek design of the air purifier is ideal for any living space, including homes, restaurants and offices.
Key Features
  1. Streamer Discharge Technology for Effective Removal of airborne mould spores
  2. Quick & Thorough Purification with Powerful Suction
  3. Decomposition of odour sources avoid replacement/maintenance needs
  4. Power Saving Inverter
  5. Highly Economical Operation
  6. User Friendly
Any living space, including homes, restaurants and offices